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Wahid Badami, an entrepreneur, creates the Marvans Empire

A real business person considers growth and the future. The owner of Marvans Mobile, Wahid Badami, has unequivocally demonstrated this. Because of his business plan, the Gujarat-based company now has clients all throughout the nation. Since Marvans was established, Wahid had been thinking about social media. After seeing just how far the digital revolution had progressed, Marvans created a digital store.

Marvans Mobile’s proprietor in Vadodra guided his business to unrivalled success. He sells Apple products and is a zealous advocate for them, making them affordable for customers. He used technology and digital media to expand his business. Even though he was the target of a cyberattack, Marvans persevered because of his positive outlook.

Under the hashtag “Marvans hai toh mumkin hai”, they consistently post enticing and relatable social media content. Their social media networks serve as an attraction tool with their original ideas and interesting content. Among Baroda’s mobile retailers, they are the only one using Snapchat’s AD network.

They have mastered the usage of technology.


Rashami Desai

Pooja Hegde

Avika Gor

Kajal Aggarwal

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