Monday, October 18, 2021

Adidas & Rohit Sharma bat for sustainability through 'Impossible is Nothing' campaign

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New Delhi, Oct 5 (IANS) Sportswear giant Adidas has launched a campaign ‘Impossible is nothing’ as it aims to become a catalyst in building a safer and sustainable planet along with star cricketer Rohit Sharma, who has been championing the cause for a long time.

Through this campaign, Adidas aims to replace all virgin polyester with recycled polyester by 2024. Currently, more than 40 per cent of Adidas’ apparel use recycled polyester.

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Sustainability and environmental fortification are the key areas in today’s market and the company aims to harness the power of sport to help the society with its “rebellious optimism”, which is driven by action to shape a better future together.

Senior director, Adidas India, Sunil Gupta, said during a press conference on Monday that, “Adidas aims to use 100% recycled polyester in all its products by 2024,” adding that the company “has an intrinsic desire to achieve global climate neutrality by 2050.”

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“Adidas brought forward the narrative of sustainability using Rohit Sharma’s shoes as a beautiful canvas inspiring the viewers to see the possibilities of a sustainable future. We believe that Rohit Sharma is in line with Adidas’ motto ‘Impossible is nothing'”, said an Adidas statement.

Rohit Sharma has been actively involved with the ‘Save the Rhinos’ and ‘Save the Corals’ campaigns and also for a plastic-free sustainable planet.

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Speaking about his experiences thus far, the cricketer said, “It was in 2014 when I went to Kenya and was really sad knowing about the condition of rhinos. India and Africa are two places where we have the maximum rhino population.

“I often thought, why don’t I carry my cause on to the field,” Rohit said about the company’s specially-designed cricket shoes, which carry the message ‘save the rhinos’.

Sharma further said, “Adidas has been the driving force of positive change in the lives of people beyond athletes, inspiring us all to push the boundaries. I personally resonate with the ‘impossible is nothing’ attitude and was thrilled when we worked on the unique idea of representing the causes through me on the playing field. It is extremely important to have an active dialogue on matters of sustainability through all possible mediums and inspire all around us to see the possibilities of positive change.”

Gupta added, “Through the stories of some of our key athletes, we intend to bring to life the ‘Impossible is Nothing’ attitude and inspire our consumers and communities to see and realise their possibilities. We see ourselves playing the role of a catalyst with our partners, like Rohit, who have been building conversations around sustainability.”



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