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'Diwali came a day early': Ayushmann celebrates Indo-Pak thriller on airport runway

Mumbai, Oct 24 (IANS) Actor Ayushmann Khurrana was on the runway in his flight home (Chandigarh) from Mumbai on Sunday when he saw Ravichandran Ashwin score the winning run in India’s nail-biter against Pakistan, and then the entire aircraft erupted with joy.

The good-hearted pilot delayed the takeoff so that those on the flight could watch the final moments on their mobile phones, and just when India won, the engines roared in celebration.

Ayushmann then wrote a lengthy tweet celebrating the victory. Here’s what he had to say:

“This story is for my future generations. I watched the final two overs inside the Mumbai-Chandigarh flight just before taking off with the passengers glued to their cell phones. I’m sure the cricket fanatic pilot delayed it deliberately by 5 mins, and nobody was complaining,” Ayushmann wrote.

The actor added: “Pandya and DK got out. Then came in Ashwin. Coolly gauged the wide ball. Well left. Scored the final runs. I’ve never witnessed a collective uproar of applause inside an aircraft. All this was happening while we were full throttle on the runway. Great timing by the flight captain.”

He ended his ecstatic post saying: “Wish I could record it on my phone. But let me confess, I’m socially awkward doing these things. Also, I wanted to live this experience. Thank you Team India and Virat for bringing in Diwali a day early.”




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