Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Hemanth Mudappa breaks record in National Drag Racing

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Chennai, Oct 3 (IANS) Seven-time National Drag Champion Hemanth Mudappa of Mantra Racing stormed to a National record, improving his own mark with a triumphant double gold in the ribbon events in the second round of the Indian National Drag Racing Championship here on Sunday.

Touching a top speed of 230kmph, he extended his Championship lead in the premier 4-stroke Above-1051cc Class at the Madras Motorsports Club Race Track.

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Mudappa, astride a BMW s1000rr, was lightning quick to post a stunning 7.914 to beat the national drag record in this class despite being a fraction of a second slower in his reaction at the start to Hyderabad’s Mohd. Riyaz, who did 8.058 seconds. Sugan Prasad, also from Bengaluru, clocked 8.421 to take the bronze.

The 31-year Coorgi, now based in Bengaluru, proved his critics wrong as he dashed to gold. beating his own national record of 7.976 in the 4-stroke 850 to 1050cc SuperSport Class set in 2019. Mudappa also holds the National drag record in the top above-1051cc Class.

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“I am so happy to set the National record in this category. Seven National titles won’t come by luck. We have put in hard work and practiced hard, testing and improving after every run. I dedicate this gold to my friend Riyaz’s mom, who is on a ventilator. Despite that, he came here and clocked an eight. Hats off to him,” said a delighted Mudappa.

“Winning is in the DNA of Mantra Racing from 1954. We have been tuning Mudappa’s bikes for all his National titles and I am glad he got the much-awaited record today. We brought some upgrades but it was the hard work and practice he put in at the airstrip that brought him success,” said Sharan Pratap of Mantra Racing, who tunes the champion’s bikes.

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Earlier in the 4-stroke Above-1051cc SuperSport race, Mudappa, riding a black Suzuki Hayabusa, clocked 8.061sec for a comfortable win. “With others posting only in 8s, I took it easy and won at a relaxed pace,” the passionate bodybuilder added.

In other classes, Bharath Raj (226-360cc), Madhan Kumar (upto 165cc), and Aiyaz Rem (361-550cc) won the gold.

Results (provisional):

Above 1051cc (SuperSport): 1. Hemanth Muddappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru) (08.061secs); 2. Hafizullah Khan (Bengaluru) (08.396); 3. Vignesh Purushotham (Bengaluru) (08.409).

Above 1051cc Class: 1. Hemanth Muddappa (07.914); 2. Mohd Riyaz (Hyderabad) (08.058); 3. Sugan Prasad (Bengaluru) (08.421).

361-550cc (SS Indian): 1. Aiyaz Rem (Bengaluru) (12.368); 2. Yogeshwaran (Speed Up Racing, Chennai) (12.620); 3. D Annish Samson (Speed Up Racing, Bengaluru) (12.658).

226-360cc (SS Indian): 1. Bharath Raj (Chennai) (12.427); 2. Mohammed Shakir (Chennai) (12.655); 3. Yogeshwaran (Chennai) (13.014).

Up to 165cc (SS Indian): 1. S Madhan Kumar (Chennai) (13.826); 2. Kevin Kannan (Chennai) (13.990); 3. Kannan S (Chennai) (14.472).



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