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'It's just a game' – A fact or a solace!

It can be said for the neighbouring nation as well, as for both the countries cricket is above everything. By everything means food, education, jobs, corruption — particularly on those days when their team is playing.

Well, let’s back to cricket crazy nation India, the people here are now trying to calm their hearts out following Rohit Sharma-led side’s humiliating 10-wicket defeat in ICC T20 World Cup semis against England.

The defeat not only broke the Men-in-blues dream but also of the millions of fans.

Post-mortems have already been done by cricket experts/pundits about India’s debacle in the T20 World Cup.. Some favour change in helm, some suggested time should be given to Rohit. But the next T20 World Cup is in 2024, so in any case the team would be new considering the age of many senior cricketers like Rohit, Virat Kohli and others of similar age.

Now the question basically arises is if the fans of team India demand more? Or it is actually right to believe and accept from such a side which has got everything: fame, name, IPL, money, foreign tours. Just like no pressure on mind, which most of the other disciplines’ athletes have in their heads.

Speaking to IANS, a former cricketer on condition of anonymity said, "winning and losing is part of the game, but humiliation is something which actually breaks everybody’s heart. Yes, it is difficult to win every match, but fighting spirit should be there."

"Look at the Pakistan side, they play their hearts out in every match. For them it is always a do-or-die game, whereas our players just took it casually it seems (in semifinal). Questions should be asked and slamming them is not wrong but that needs to be done professionally, no personal attack would benefit our side," he emphasised.

The ‘fear of failure’ attitude of Team India needs to be examined by the management properly and a plan should be made accordingly for future ICC tournaments.

Cricket fanatics on social media are currently going brutal over the performance of Indian cricketers. One can imagine what the players must be going through, because they are at the receiving end. But when they get loved beyond expectation then hatred too becomes an automatic part.

A doctor, who gives advice to budding cricketers on mental strength, told the agency that "fans need to understand that anything in excess is not good. Whether love or hate. Look at the foreign teams England, Australia, and New Zealand."

"They also have fans there in their countries. But they watch it as ‘just a game’. Not a religion or anything else for them. We Indians or Pakistanis make it a battle ground. Media dig stories to see if interesting and eye-catching headlines will be given. We make it more than cricket, and then if our team loses, we go mad. So accepting defeat becomes difficult," he added.

Just to conclude, Pakistan lost the finals of the T20 World Cup on Sunday and so far the fans are praising their fighting spirit against England. "Congrats England, hard luck Pakistan," said one on Twitter.



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