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RFDL helps prepare young players for senior team: Bengaluru FC's Naushad Moosa

Mumbai, May 30 (IANS) Bengaluru FC reserve team head coach Naushad Moosa feels that the Reliance Foundation Development League (RFDL) is a gateway for the emerging players for getting into the senior teams.

Bengaluru FC ended their campaign as the only unbeaten side in the RFDL with 19 points, thus clinching the coveted trophy.

“After the ISL, I was given the team for this RF Development League. I was straight on the point with the boys that we are not going for vacation out there. We are going there and we have to be the champions. That’s it. Because it’s very important for them to understand they are the young players who are looking for opportunities to get into the senior team and a platform like RFDL provides such opportunities. And when you’re getting into the senior team you need to have that winning mentality and you need to understand the kind of pressure which goes in, in the senior team,” he said.

“I was just trying to do that from day one to give that needed pressure for them to understand how to deal with those pressures whether we are training or we are preparing for a game. So it was very important for them to understand how we approach the training and how we approach the game,” the coach added.

Asked about his individual approach between the senior team and the reserve team, Moosa said, “The approach I have with the reserve team boys and the senior team boys is different. When they make it to the senior team, my approach towards them is totally different, and then when I’m with them with the reserve squad, I’m a bit aggressive out there because I always ask these reserve team boys to take some ideas from players like Parag, Bhutia, Roshan who’s come in now. Because when you get into a senior team it is totally different.”

“The pressure is not only about the game, the pressure is all about how the foreigners are dealing because when they are there, they want to win every game. The coaches there want to win every game. So the pressure is totally different and this is the place where I make them understand how important it is to handle the pressure,” he said.




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