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Ultimate Kho Kho: Mumbai Khiladis' Durvesh Salunke aims to pass his experience to youngsters

Pune, Aug 25 (IANS) The Mumbai Khiladis’ Durvesh Salunke is quite enjoying his time playing in the Ultimate Kho Kho League and hopes that there are more youngsters from Maharashtra who can join in the mix in the next season.

A PT teacher in Mumbai, Salunke has been receiving encouraging messages from his students and is keen to make this momentum count.

“My students from the schools and colleges are all watching me during the Kho-Kho league on TV and I keep getting messages from all of them. Many of them also want to learn the sport and have been asking to learn, so when I go back home, then the students will come and I will support them and teach them and coach them so that they can come into the Ultimate Kho Kho League next season,” Salunke said.

A chaser for the Mumbai side, Salunke had started off his tryst in sport with athletics before switching over to Kho Kho because of a lack of resources. And while he has his focus set on giving his family more support as the days go by, that he has found himself a spot-on national television in prime time is the icing on the cake.

“My friends and family seeing me on TV and then telling me about it in an excited manner make me feel very good at the end of the day. I hope I can give my parents and cousins and family the kind of support they gave me earlier when I was struggling in sports,” he was quoted as saying by his team.

However, Salunke believes he and the Mumbai side can up the ante in the next phase of the tournament and make a solid comeback despite a few blips earlier. And crucial to achieving that success is supporting your teammates he says.

“Kho-kho is a team sport and the Mumbai Khiladis is a team that was good chasers to start with. In the first few games, we were chasing well and our defense wasn’t working well. However, in the last two games or so, our defense has improved though now our chasing hasn’t been that effective.”

Salunke is also delighted to get a chance to work with the well-known Rajendra Sapte, who is the head coach of the Mumbai Khiladis.

“Coach has worked with the Indian team and is very experienced and we have to just support him as he is trying to make us do well. When we don’t do well, he tells us straight,” Salunke signed off.

Mumbai Khiladis will take on Telugu Yoddhas on Friday (August 26).




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