Under-20 Fed Cup: Reshma erases 10,000m race walk national record


Bhopal, Jan 26 (IANS) Reshma Patel marked her 10,000m race walk debut with a national under-20 record, c;ocking 48 minutes and 25.90 seconds, on the second day of the National Federation Cup Junior Under-20 Athletics Championships here on Tuesday.

Each of the podium finishers in the women’s 10,000m race walk improved upon Priyanka Goswami’s existing national record time of 49:16.51 sec set in 2014 and the top five finishers bettered her meet record time of 50:41.29 sec set in 2015.

Tamil Nadu’s national long jump under-20 champion Jeswin Aldrin recorded a personal best of 7.51 metres with his opening effort and endured an intense battle with Bhupendra Singh of Haryana before clinching the title at the TT Nagar Stadium. Bhupendra’s 7.44m on his second attempt ensured that the pair would carry the fight till the last set of jumps.


Kolhapur’s Vikas Anand Khodke broke the meet record in the 110m hurdles, clocking 14.00sec in the final and winning by two-hundredths of a second from Usaid Khan of Uttar Pradesh. Vikas Khodke clocked a better time than the national under-20 record with 13.80 sec in the heats but the wind of 3.3m/s meant that J. Surendhar’s mark of 13.92 sec (Bengaluru, 2010) still stands.

Madhya Pradesh’s Ikram Ali Khan fouled three of his six throws but his best effort of 55.07m won him gold in the discus throw.

The results:



400m: 1. Parveen Kumar (Haryana) 48.87 sec; 2. Ansh (Delhi) 49.32;3 sec. Lavish Sharma (Uttar Pradesh) 49.63 sec

110m Hurdles: 1. Vikas Ananda Khodke (Maharashtra) 14.00 sec (New meet record; old record: 14.05 sec, Aneesh Abhay Joshi, Pune, 2012); 2. Usaid Khan (Uttar Pradesh) 14.02 sec; 3. G Nishanth Raja (Tamil Nadu) 14.27 sec


Pole Vault: 1. Sunny (Haryana) 4.60m; 2. Sandeep Kumar (Madhya Pradesh) 4.50m

High Jump: 1. Piyush Singh Panwar (Haryana) 2.05m; 2. Abhar Atul Datta (Maharashtra) 2.03m; 3. D Deva Karthick (Tamil Nadu) 1.99m

Long Jump: 1. Jeswin Aldrin (Tamil Nadu) 7.51m; 2. Bhupender Singh (Haryana) 7.44m; 3. Arya S (Karnataka) 7.19m

Discus Throw: 1. Ikram Ali Khan (Madhya Pradesh) 55.07m; 2. Prince (Haryana) 52.19m; m. Harendra Singh (Madhya Pradesh) 50.78m


400m: 1. Deepanshi (Haryana) 56.02 seconds; Payal Vohra (Delhi) 56.44 sec; 3. Himanshi Malik (Haryana) 57.90 sec

100m hurdles: 1. Ann Rose Tomy (Kerala) 14.45 sec; 2. Moumita Mondal (West Bengal) 14.56 sec; 3. S. Srireshma (Tamil Nadu) 14.80sec

Long jump: 1. Ancy Sojan (Kerala) 6.12m; 2, Sharvari Avinash Parulekar (Maharashtra) 5.75m; 3. Keisha Tarak Modi (Maharashtra) 5.73m

Pole Vault: 1. Pooja (Haryana) 3.40m; 2. Jyoti (Haryana) 3.00m; 3. Maisuri Timbadiya (Gujarat) 3.00m

Discus Throw: 1. Grima (Haryana) 45.91m; 2. Pooja (Haryana) 44.78m; 3. Siddhi Shailendra Karan (Maharashtra) 40.49m

10,000m Race Walk: 1. Reshma Patel (Uttarakhand) 48:25.90 sec (New national under-20 and meet records; old national record: 49:16.51sec, Priyanka Goswami, Vijayawada, 2014; old meet record: 50:41.29 sec, Priyanka Goswami, Hyderabad, 2015); 2. Baljeet Kaur Bajwa (Punjab) 49:00.27 sec; 3. Munita Prajapati (Uttar Pradesh) 49:13.86sec