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iPhone 14 production cycle more robust than expected: Analysts

New Delhi, Sep 16 (IANS) Contrary to earlier reports of supply chain issues affecting Apple, an analysis by global investment bank Morgan Stanley has said that the iPhone 14 series production cycle is more robust than expected.

Using data from lead times and preorders, the Morgan Stanley note said that there is strong demand in the US and China for the iPhone 14 Pro models, reports AppleInsider.

Apple fans in China placed over two million orders for the Pro line-up in the first 24 hours, while India also saw a strong pre-order rush for the new Apple devices.

“The iPhone 14 has early lead times of six days, indicating lower interest in this model from consumers,” the note claimed.

The iPhone 14 Plus has no lead time as it will only arrive on October 7.

Lead times throw light on Apple’s supply chain and how it’s affected by inflation and other global macro-economic factors.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said last month that the supply chain of the iPhone 14 series will remain unaffected by current geopolitical tensions.

On Twitter, Kuo said his survey showed “no impact on the supply chain of the iPhone 14 models”.

“Although some investors have recently worried that the mass production and shipment schedule of the iPhone 14 models may be affected by geopolitics, my latest survey indicates that there are currently no impacts on the supply chain of the iPhone 14 models,” Kuo said in a tweet.

Earlier, reports claimed that the iPhone 14 series will likely be delayed due to growing tension between China and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Kuo also claimed that the next iPhone 15 is likely to be manufactured at the same time in India and China next year.

“The iPhone 14’s mass production schedule in India this year is about six weeks behind China, but the gap has improved significantly. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that India and China will be able to produce the new iPhone 15 at the same time next year,” Kuo said.

Apple first started manufacturing iPhones in India in 2017 with iPhone SE.A

The tech giant manufactures some of its most advanced iPhones in the country, including iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, at the Foxconn facility, while iPhone SE and iPhone 12 are being assembled at the Wistron factory in the country.




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