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Microsoft Teams may soon show results in context for better user experience

San Francisco, Sep 11 (IANS) In a bid to improve the user experience for Teams, tech giant Microsoft is now planning to show users search results within context by navigating to the thread containing a queried item.

According to Windows Central, the new option may arrive in October 2022 to Teams for Windows and Mac.

Currently, when you search for text, Teams takes users to a view of their messages and any directly connected thread, but it is completely out of context, the report said.

Clicking on the search result does not take users to where the chat was sent within a channel or conversation, which is about to change.

“When users search for a chat message in Teams and click on a message result, they are taken to a view that contains only the selected message, rather than the entire chat thread,” the company quoted an entry on the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

“This fix will now land the users on the full chat thread once the message search result is clicked, thereby providing the full context of the conversation around the message result,” it added.

The report mentioned that the change should make it easier to see messages’ context.




Rubina Dilaik

Sidharth Shukla

Rashami Desai

Asim Riaz

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