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Motorola showcases its rollable concept phone that expands vertically

San Francisco, Oct 18 (IANS) Global smartphone brand Motorola has showcased its rollable smartphone in a quick demo video at the Lenovo’s Tech World 2022 event.

The demo shows the moto phone’s screen extends and retracts, with a moving wallpaper to match with the press of the side button, reports The Verge.

The video only shows the front of the device, and the screen seems to wrap around the phone, rolling upwards.

As far as prototypes go, this concept appears to be on the “operational” side of the spectrum — there are battery and cellular indicator icons on the screen.

The rolling display is a flexible OLED panel, measuring 6.5 inches when extended and retracting down to “just over” 4 inches, the report mentioned.

The company did not provide any further details on whether it will ever reach the market or not.

In a later segment of the video, Lenovo showed off another concept device — a laptop with a rolling display, the report said.

The video shows that the laptop’s screen extends upwards, providing a ton of additional, vertical screen real estate.

Meanwhile, this week, the company has launched an affordable smartphone — moto e22s — in India that comes for Rs 8,999.




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