OPPO patents vein unlocking tech for its wearable devices

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Beijing, Aug 13 (IANS) Smartphone maker OPPO has recently been granted a patent for a new technology that could be used in its future wearable devices.

The company has patented a vein unlocking tech, which is likely a form of a biometric security system, GizmoChina reported on Friday.

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The new technology has a patent number of CN110298944B and describes a “Venous Unlocking Method and Vein Unlocking Device.” Oppo had applied for this patent back in 2019, which was only recently granted. As per the description, the patent is for a vein unlocking technology.

In other words, a biometric system similar to facial recognition or fingerprint scanning but one that maps the veins on the users’ hands. Notably, this technology also bears a close resemblance to the Hand ID system from LG, which mapped the thickness and characteristics of a user’s veins for unlocking.

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The report said it can be expected the system will map and record a vein’s thickness to verify the identity and to authorise access.

While the finer details of this technology are currently unknown, the patented system could potentially have a number of applications in various electronic products from the Chinese tech giants, the report said.

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This holds especially true for the company’s wearable products like smart bands or smart watches. Unfortunately, it is unclear if the company is actually working on such a system right now or is just covering all bases, it added.



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