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Oracle offers dedicated region for public cloud customers in India

New Delhi, June 22 (IANS) Cloud major Oracle on Wednesday said its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is now providing full functionality of the public cloud to the Indian enterprises with a dedicated region.

The OCI Dedicated Region brings more than 100 public cloud services into customers’ data centres to help them meet strict latency, data residency, and data sovereignty requirements that are key to many IT modernisation efforts.

The company said that firms like NRI and Vodafone have chosen OCI Dedicated Region to gain the full functionality of the public OCI cloud in the locations of their choice.

“Our OCI Dedicated Region is a game changer product for India, especially for companies that operate in regulated industries, including all public sector firms and governments, more so for the states,” said Kapil Makhija, Vice President -Technology Cloud, Oracle India.

“We have new cloud solution for state governments and all companies to address challenges with reference to technology on costs, data residency, security,” he added.

The OCI Dedicated Region requires 60-75 per cent less data centre space and power on average, with a significantly lower entry price of around $1 million a year for a typical customer.

The OCI Dedicated Region gives customers a complete cloud region in their data centre with all the benefits of OCI’s public cloud,” said the company.

“Through OCI Dedicated Cloud Region, customers can run any IT workload on a full range of infrastructure and application cloud services, while retaining data and service control,” said Makhija.

The company also previewed OCI Compute Cloud@Customer meant for smaller environments than OCI Dedicated Region.

Compute Cloud@Customer will enable organisations to run applications on OCI-compatible compute, storage, and networking in their data centres.

“We have curated the new OCI Dedicated Cloud Region in a way that customers can have a complete cloud experience and leverage all the benefits of OCI’s public cloud in complete cloud region within their data centre,” said Srikanth Dorandula, VP, Hybrid Cloud Systems, Oracle India.




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