Samsung showcases a 13-inch stretchable display

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Seoul, Sep 10 (IANS) South Korean tech giant Samsung has unveiled a new 13-inch stretchable OLED display prototype that can stretch vertically.

Samsung revealed the prototype during Global Tech Korea 2021, according to ET News.

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The smartphone maker shared a video that showcased the 13-inch OLED panel at the event. Looking at the video, one can observe lava being displayed on the screen while the panel itself is stretched outwards through a mechanism.

The brand has been working on stretchable displays for quite some time now. It revealed its first stretchable display prototype with similar functionality in 2017.

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Samsung recently patented a new Galaxy smartphone with a futuristic-looking transparent display.

The company filed the patent with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office).

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The patent describes the technology that is needed to make a transparent smartphone and can even be used in other electronic gadgets, including TVs, monitors, laptops and gaming consoles.



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