Tesla Model S Plaid crashes during testing: Report

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San Francisco, Aug 27 (IANS) A Tesla Model S Plaid crashed at the Nurburgring raceway in Germany while several vehicles were on track attempting to set time records on the 12.94-mile course, the media reported.

The Model S Plaid, Tesla’s fastest production vehicle, was sharing the “Green Hell” with a 2022 Corvette Z06 prototype and a BMW M8 test-mule, according to Road and Track, who originally reported the crash.

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The Model S went out of control in the Klostertalkurve in kilometre 14, which comprises a series of sharp, paper clip-like turns before extending into a straightaway.

The BMW crashed as well in the Kesselchen sector, which is located in kilometre 12 of the 20.82 km track, reports Teslarati.

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The BMW crash was more severe than the Tesla accident as the German automobile collided with the barriers at high speed. Meanwhile, the Model S Plaid suffered an impact with the barrier at a lower speed and was not as badly damaged as the BMW.

Both drivers are believed to be in good condition, the report said.

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Tesla has been at the Nurburgring on and off for the past two years, first making an appearance in October 2019 at the track with the Model S Plaid.

The tri-motor powertrain was spotted in late 2019 sporting a massive rear diffuser for aerodynamic performance, a rear spoiler for more downforce and a wider body style than its Model S P100D predecessor.

Tesla developed the car for several years before finally delivering the first units of it in June 2021.



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