Witnesses to record statements through VC at 1,242 Raj courts

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Jaipur, Sep 11 (IANS) A new chapter of recording statements of witnesses through video conferencing has started in the state judiciary.

SOG DIG Sharat Sharat Kaviraj became the first IPS to avail the facility as he recorded his statements from Banipark Jaipur Court to Ganganagar court on Friday.

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Kaviraj recorded his statements as a witness through the VC in a prosecution sanction case heard in the Ganganagar court while being present at Jaipur Metropolitan Court.

The trial of the case is on in the Ganganagar court.

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Kaviraj says it saved him many miles of travel, which would have required him to be absent for three days from the office. The VC will save time and speed up trials.

The judges at Banipark, Jaipur and Ganganagar Courts commenced this facility successfully as the High Court had notified rules pertaining to recording statements through video conferencing on August 2, 2021. For this, the state government has already amended the CrPC.

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Special Secretary to Home Department, V. Saravan Kumar said that with the commencement of the facility the witnesses now will get relief from travelling many kilometres to record statements in person at the courts.

The witnesses shall record their statements visiting VC Remote Point Studios created at the court premises. In the first phase, such VC Remote Points Studios have been made available in all the district courts. A coordinator, who is an employee of the court, is appointed to operate the studios.

Kumar says that the hardware to conduct the VC has been installed in 1,242 courts situated in the state. Mircrosoft license and fiber internet connectivity have been made available for smooth operation of the VC.

In the second phase, Taluka courts will get the VC Remote Points facility. The government offices and hospitals will be connected with this too. The facility will ensure timely recording of statements by the witnesses as per the rules notified by the high court.

This will save time and government expenditure, and speedy trials will be possible altogether. The transparent process of VC is expected to bring down pendency in the court cases as well.

Under this process the Public Prosecutor (PP) requests the court to record statements of the witnesses through VC. Once the court grants permission the court’s officers book slots for the VC. The witnesses need to go to the VC Remote Points to record the statements.



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