Play Review: Ballygunge 1990 is engaging and captivating

Writer-Director Atul Satya Koushik's Ballygunge 1990- Love is an endless mystery, is a one-act play about Kartik and Vasuki, played by Annup Sonii and Nishtha Paliwal Tomar.


The play
Writer-Director Atul Satya Koushik’s Ballygunge 1990- Love is an endless mystery, is a one-act play about Kartik and Vasuki, played by Annup Sonii and Nishtha Paliwal Tomar. Ballygunge 1990, the eighty-five minute play is a tout thriller set in the year 1990. The story unfolds in a drawing room of a bungalow at a famous place called Ballygunge, in (the then) Calcutta. The story begins with Kartik visiting Vasuki after a very long time. The couple had been in a very passionate relationship for more than 10 years before Kartik leaves Vasuki behind to chase his dreams in Mumbai. Vasuki is now married to a famous painter, Binoy Das. One day she bumps into Kartik and ends up inviting him over a coffee. What unfolds in this meeting is very interesting.

The setting
The narrative is set in a noire environment with lavish furniture and some dull lighting that sets the mood. The art director, director and lighting team create a perfect setup to showcase a Ballygunge on the stage with some special effects thrown in.

The actors/performers
Famous Film, TV & Theatre artist Annup Sonii and Nishtha Paliwal Tomar take the audience through this episode of spine chilling thriller. Both are well seeped into the character and add the required seriousness to the goings on. Especially Nishtha completely immerses in the character and lets herself loose to the needs of the character.


The story and the narrative are well pitched and unfold with twists and turns at periodic intervals. After a point it does engage the audience in what they see and expect. The script is so engaging and captivating that at every twist it introduces you with various possibilities for the story’s ‘expected’ climax. It being a one-act play works in favour of the theme and does not allow the audience to get out of the mood.

As such there are no gross misses but there are always multiple ways of looking at stories and that too suspense thrillers. Here also there are a few ifs and buts but then it’s a better-cooked narrative.

Creating a complete suspense drama on stage without breaks or blackouts or set change is an art in itself and Director Atul has definitely succeeded in creating that environment. Writer-Director Atul Satya Koushik’s Ballygunge 1990 falls in a romantic suspense thriller and for people looking for a different story, this could well fit the choice.

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