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Open Cast
D for Drama's

Venue:Prithvi Theatre
Date & Time: Thursday, 7th March & Friday, 8th March – 7 PM & 9 PM
Synopsis: "Open Cast" is a play about people displaced and how it affects them and their newly forged relationships with strange people and places. What do the displaced lose? Self-Identity and Autonomy or Freedom? What are their problems? Language, Food or being an Outsider? It's not just the people but their culture which also has to suffer the wrench. "Open Cast" is two parallel stories: one of the new arrivals in the affluent capital city of Delhi looking for a better life; the other of people forced to endure evacuation from the coal-mining town of Dhanbad.
Cast: Ghanshyam Lalsa, Avneesh Mishra, Shashie Vermaa, Serena Walia, Lisha Bajaj, Navendra Mishra, Vara Raturi, Vivan Karan Singh, Kuldeep Kushwaha, Deepali Garg, Geetika Lalwani, Amit Purohit, Sumit Raj Yadav & Aayush Tiwari
Written and Directed by Sandeep Shikhar



Duration – 1 Hr 30 Mins

Language – Hindi

Synopsis – Written in 1989 in the backdrop of mandir­mandal conflict, this play draws parallels in the socio-­religious, political and economic conditions between southern India in the 12th century A.D. during Bhakti Movement and current times as we see them today. Eight hundred years ago in the city of Kalyan, a man called Basavanna assembled a congregation of poets, mystics, social revolutionaries and philosophers ­ unmatched in their creativity and social commitment. They opposed idolatry, rejected temple worship, upheld equality of sexes, and condemned the caste system. Events take a violent turn when they act on their beliefs and an upper caste Brahmin girl is married to a non-­Brahmin boy. Rakt Kalyan (Tale­danda) is a story spanning a few weeks that shows how a vibrant, prosperous society is plunged into anarchy and terror.


Director – Sunil Shanbag

Translation –  Ram Gopal Bajaj

Cast –  Aaryan Tandon, Abhijeet Singh, Anmol Oberoi, Apeksha Vora, Chakori Dwivedi, Dhiraj Wadhwani, Dusha Nandu, Mallika Shah, Manasvi Sharma, Mati Rajput, Nihir Jain, Nikita Kumar, Nitya Mathur, Prajesh Kashyap, Sanket Agarwal, Shimli Basu


Show Details:

Venue – Drama School Mumbai 

Timing –  7 PM

Day & Dates:

Saturday, 9th March (Premiere Show)

Sunday, 10th March


Venue – G5A 

Timing –  7:30 PM

Day & Date – Friday, 15th March

Ticket – Rs 200/-


Silly Point Production's

Venue: Tata Theatre, NCPA
Date & Time: Sunday 10 March at 07:00 PM 
Synopsis: A Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Parsee walk into the therapy session of Dr. Bombays clinic to help cope with various mental issues in their lives. The result is total chaos. We get a glimpse of the four religions in their domestic environment as we go into the characters homes and witness their relationships with various people in their lives. Five actors play 35 characters in this play.
Written & Directed by: Meherzad Patel
Cast: Mona Singh, Sajeel Parakh, Danesh Irani, Danesh Khambata and Siddharth Merchant


Show: Sun 10 Mar at 07:30 PM at The Royal Opera House, Mumbai.
Synopsis: Seven friends who were a tightly-knit group in St. Xavier’s College from 1979-1984 have gathered at the Kashid beach house of Raveena and Sanjay Mehra, because of the death of an eighth friend, Jojo. Will the seven friends come to terms with the death of their friend-and more importantly, themselves-in the course of this long and emotional evening together?
Writer & Director: Rahul daCunha 
Cast: Devika Shahani, Dipika Roy, Joy Sengupta, Rajit Kapur, Shernaz Patel, Sohrab Ardeshir, Vikrant Chaturvedi & Zafar Karachiwala

KITTA BUCHCHA (Gujarati Play)

Show: Sun. 10th Mar. 7.30pm at Bhavan, Chowpatty. 
Synopsis: "Families are complicated and marriage is almost impossible to sustain in today’s world of ego and ambition. No one knows this better than long term spouses Amar and Bhavna and their beloved son Samarth. But sometimes it takes life’s unexpected and dramatic twists to reveal the true worth of relationships. Shivam’s latest play “Kitta Buchcha” is a sensitive portrayal of family bonds and the power of forgiveness.
Producer: Dr. Sheela Butala
Director: Parth Shukla
Writers: Nayan Shukla & Parth Shukla
Music: Iqbal Darbar
Cast: Roopa Divetia, Rajendra Butala, Nayan Shukla and others 

Arpana & Prithvi Theatre’s 
Venue: Prithvi Theatre
Date & Time: 12th, 13th & 14th March at 9 PM
Synopsis: In a fictional jagir in north India two rich zamindar brothers rule over a happy family, and a harmonious community of peasants. The unexpected arrival of foreign visitors seeking refuge is the beginning of a dramatic turn of fortunes. Ruthless machinations by the foreigners split the community, and turn brother against brother. First staged in 1945 by Prithviraj Kapoor’s Prithvi Theatres, Deewar is a fascinating allegory of colonization and partition. In 2018 it is a remarkable insight into a historical moment full of promise for a new nation. 
Cast: Sudhir Pande, Trishla Patel, Kalyanee Mulay, Raghav Dutt, Abhinav Grover, Dhammrakshit Ranadive, Aashitosh Solanki, Sagar Bhoir, Shailesh Hejmadi, Shabnam Vadhera, Rajat Kaul, Vandana Joshi, Shruti Das & Ansh Gupta
Writer: Inder Raj Anand & Prithviraj Kapoor,
Director: Sunil Shanbag